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Utah's Fastest Response for
Water Damage & Flood Restoration

24/7 Emergency Service Available

“If you are looking for restoration work after a flood or disaster, Michael is the best in the industry. He is highly knowledgeable and does everything he can to inform his customers on what course of action will benefit them best. He is honest, kind, professional, thorough and will leave you the best position for the next step in the process. We are in the process of prepping a commercial property for a new business adventure, this building is in pretty bad shape. We called Michael to get some advice on what route to take and where to start and he was able to assist us and get us on the right track to quick rehabilitation! Thank you Michael for the care and attention you give your clients and their individual sistiations!”

Jaime Lauren

“Michael is great at what he does, and a fantastic person. I highly recommend Royal Restoration!”

Preston Knight

“Royal Restoration does a great job! I’ve known the owner (Michael Brady) for years. He truly cares about taking care of his customers and doing a quality job. Highly recommend this company.”

Matt Holbrook

“Mike is awesome and he demonstrates it by how he treats his people.”

Ralph Allen

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