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24/7 Emergency Service Available

IICRC Trained Professional Mold Remediation

Disaster Cleanup Layton Utah Water Damage

If your home was flooded with water – any kind of water, Royal Restoration can be onsite within the hour to provide water extraction services, and structural drying. These services are key in mold prevention. Any moisture left unchecked creates an environment that is susceptible to mold growth.

At the first sign of mold or mildew in your home or business, you need to act fast. Making the assumption that household cleaners will resolve the issue is a mistake.

Chlorine-based products only treat the surface of the mold and mildew. Our organic antimicrobial encapsulates the mold to destroy the spores and prevent mold and mildew from returning. Royal Restoration provides emergency water cleanup and mold remediation 24/7.  At the first sign of mold, call us for professional assistance for the cleaning and treatment of your mold issue

Mold Growth on Walls or Ceilings

Mold Treatment Layton Utah Disaster Cleanup

Many home owners rely on home remedies or DIY treatments for mold growth. Most use the old standby, bleach. Chlorine based products are great to use as a surface cleaner and application to mold affected areas will treat the symptoms but not the cause of the growth. Prolonged exposure to moisture within a structure will grow mold which can cause adverse health effects. Our team is trained to isolate the source of the moisture and provide you with a plan to repair the cause. Once the source has been identified, proper techniques are utilized to not only remove the surface mold, but treat the cause.

Aside from the detrimental health concerns caused by exposure to mold its treatment and remediation can be costly. Our team has been trained to cost effectively provide solutions to your mold problems large or small.

New home buyers

As part of the process of buying a new home a certified home inspector may recommend a mold test for areas of concern. In the event that the areas of concern test positive the mold has to be treated before you are allowed to close on your new home. Royal Restoration can assist with navigating the process of scheduling with the seller, and if needed, the listing agent to remove the mold and treat the structure. Upon completion we provide a certificate detailing the treatment and removal of mold which allows closing on your new home to proceed.

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