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Does Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Flood damage can be some of the most expensive repairs you will have to make to your home. Not only is repairing water damage expensive, but it must be done thoroughly and effectively to restore the home to its former condition, as well as protect the health of those who reside within the building. If flood damage isn’t repaired properly, it can lead to far more issues, including the growth of mold and mildew or rotting in the structure. Here at Royal Restoration, we provide superior restoration services for homes that have sustained extreme levels of water damage. Emergency services may be necessary to help minimize the damage and, ultimately, the associated repair expenses. Understanding what is or isn’t covered by insurance can go a long way toward offsetting costs of expensive water damage to your property, as well as prevent you from being caught off guard by unexpected expenses.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage from Leaking Plumbing?

Homeowner’s insurance may cause repairs for water damage sustained from plumbing issues. It will only cover repairs that are caused from a condition that is covered in your insurance policy, which only applies to specific kinds of water damage. Most homeowner’s insurance policies only cover water damage that occurs internally, suddenly, and accidentally. In addition, the majority of homeowner’s insurance policies will exclude ground seepage, flooding, water backup from sewage, and overflow from a sump pump.

If a leak is sudden and accidental, such as a pipe bursting, the water damage will likely be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, these insurance policies will not cover water damage from neglect. Failure to repair a leaking pipe that leads to water damage will not be covered under your insurance policy. Additionally, homeowner’s insurance won’t repair or replace the source of the water damage. So, although the policy will cover replacing flooring damaged by water from a burst pipe, it won’t cover the repairs for fixing the burst pipe.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage from Rain?

Homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover water damage from the rain. This will fluctuate depending on the policy and the specific situation. Keep in mind that these are only in extreme situations. A simple rain storm will likely not cause water damage to your home, unless the roof is corroded or rotting. If the water damage is caused by a poorly maintained roof, it will not be covered by a homeowner’s policy. Homeowner’s insurance also does not cover flooding. In most cases, water damage caused by rain will not be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Carefully review your insurance policy to remain aware of what will or will not be covered by your insurance.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

It is important to familiarize yourself with your specific insurance policy. This will ensure that you understand what your insurance policy will cover. If you have determined that your insurance policy does cover the type of water damage, you should contact your insurance provider immediately. It is similarly important to regularly inspect and maintain various aspects of your home, especially the roof and the plumbing systems. It is absolutely vital to prevent water damage from occurring due to neglected maintenance, because insurance will not cover this kind of water damage.

Keep a careful inventory of the belongings within your home. This will help to ensure that you have all of the information that you need to receive adequate compensation for ruined belongings in your building. Take photos immediately following the water damage to provide thorough documentation of all the water damage. The insurance company will likely require this amount of documentation in order to receive compensation for necessary repairs.

Flood Insurance

Most homeowners hold homeowner’s insurance policies. Few, however, maintain active flood insurance policies. Lenders require homeowner’s insurance policies, but they do not typically require flood insurance policies. Flood damage can be some of the most expensive damage to repair. This is why flood insurance can do a great deal to offset these expensive repairs. Floods can occur through an array of ways, including extreme weather, sewage backup, and much more. It is highly recommended that homeowners in areas that maintain a high risk of flooding obtain flood insurance policies to provide the most thorough protection for their building.

Flood insurance covers a multitude of things that can be damaged by flooding. It covers personal property, though it does not generally cover property that is stored in the basement. It will also cover certain luxury property, though there is generally a cap on the amount it will cover. Flood insurance covers appliances and permanently installed cabinetry. Carpeting and window treatments, such as blinds or curtains, are usually covered by flood insurance policies. Home essentials, like the electrical and plumbing systems within the home, will be covered. Flood insurance will also cover repairs to the foundation of the home, which can get incredibly expensive.

Other structures on the property will also be included in the flood insurance policy. The amount you can use toward these repairs will be determined by the specific policy. Debris removal and cleanup expenses are also covered by flood insurance. It is important to note, however, that flood insurance does not cover the costs of living if your home is uninhabitable. In these situations, you may be able to receive reimbursement from your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the expense of accommodations while repairs are being made to your home.

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Damage from water, especially flood damage, can be incredibly expensive to repair. It is important to understand what your insurance will cover when you attempt to make repairs on a water damaged home. Here at Royal Restoration, we offer the services that you need to restore your home to its pre-flood condition. This is vital to protect both the home and the health of all of those who reside in the home. To learn more about our flood restoration services, contact our experts at Royal Restoration today!


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