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24/7 Emergency Service Available


If you have water-related damage you will need a disaster restoration contractor to dry and cleanup the affected area. We respond to flooding emergencies along the Wasatch Front from Ogden to Salt Lake City.

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Mold Treatment and Removal

Early detection is key in mold prevention. Any moisture left unchecked creates an environment that is susceptible to mold growth. If you’ve experienced flooding call our Layton offices right away.

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Sewage Waste Cleanup

Structures flooded by sewage require trained disaster professionals to safely remove contaminated wastewater, treat every surface to disinfect and deodorize the area, leaving you with a safe and clean home.

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Royal Restoration: Utah's Leading Water Damage Disaster Cleanup Service

Time is of the essence! The longer you wait, the further flood water will soak into your home’s drywall and flooring, causing more damage and resulting in a more difficult cleanup.

With stress up to your neck and water up to your knees, getting help immediately is always key in a flood. This is more than likely the first time you have encountered sewage backup, flooding or other damage in your Ogden, Layton or Salt Lake City home. We’re here to help you navigate this stressful disaster situation and cleanup your home. The disaster specialists at Royal Restoration are here to provide you with peace of mind utilizing advanced drying equipment to dry the affected areas as soon as possible.

Whether your property has experienced a sewage backup, flooding or any other disaster we can cleanup the problem. When we receive your call a disaster specialist is quickly dispatched to your Salt Lake, Layton or Ogden home to assess and cleanup the damage. As a leading disaster contractor, we work with all insurance providers and will work to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

Emergency Services Available For:

When standing water is damaging your home or business, timing and quick response is critical to salvage as much property as possible, while decreasing the risk for mold growth. Our professional team will respond without delay with the necessary extraction equipment to insure this process is completed quickly. This step is essential in keeping the damage and repairs needed to a minimum.

Mold remediation needs to be handled in a safe and controlled environment. If caution and the correct precautions are not taken, then damage to the property could be the result. When mold is dormant it can still produce allergens. When mold spores/toxins are disturbed they then become airborne. If mold spores are inhaled, they can begin to create health problems including upper respiratory problems. 

We will take the necessary steps to protect your property and maintain a safe and healthy environment. We will contain the contaminated area and cover any personal property to minimize any loss. We will establish negative air pressure with professional-grade machines, and air scrubbers are used to clean the air with a professional-grade HEPA filtration system which minimizes the number of mold spores in the air. This allows us to safely remove mold affected and damaged materials that are unsalvageable. Furthermore, the final step includes applying professional-grade antimicrobial to neutralize any mold spores, including on our machines to ensure no cross-contamination.

Filing a homeowner’s insurance claim can be overwhelming and stressful. Most homeowners have never gone through that process or experience. We will walk you through the entire insurance process, and our work is accepted by all insurance agencies. Our professional team has a working knowledge of homeowner’s insurance policies. When we perform our free assessment, we know what a covered loss under your policy is and what is not covered. We work hand-in-hand with your insurance agent, and adjusters, to get you put back together whole as quickly as possible. We also offer as a free service, to be on-site with the adjuster and walk them through the loss, what we saw, why we did what we did, and to answer all of their questions.

Common causes for a flooded basement or crawl space include: broken pipes, clogged rain gutters, poor drainage, irrigation/sprinkler system, or natural disasters. When these areas flood it is important to act fast! We will use industrial water extraction equipment to remove the water as quickly as possible to prevent as much damage as possible to carpet, carpet pad, trim and baseboards, wood flooring, and tile. If left untreated, the excess standing water will damage your home and could negatively impact your health due to mold, bacteria, and dust mites that all grow and thrive in a hot, humid environment.

 If sewage gets into your home, you need to act fast! Sewage mitigation needs to be completed within 24 hours. We will remove any standing moisture and ensure that additional waste is not spreading through your home. We will disinfect the area to remove dangerous bacteria and remove damaged carpet, carpet pads, flooring, trim, and other items that can’t be salvaged. Sanitation steps are taken to decontaminate the home or business and return it to a healthy environment. These steps include physical cleaning, air purification, and deodorization. You can rest assured that we will take every step possible to restore your home to a healthy, safe, and clean environment.

Whether it be Water, Sewage, Mold, Wind, or Fire, when a disaster hits your home or property every moment counts. It is imperative to take the necessary steps to mitigate the situation as quickly as possible. When you call us we will arrive within the hour to perform the free assessment, 24/7/365. We are able to help extract the water immediately, perform any necessary demo, and begin setting drying equipment. We want to minimize the property and personal loss as much as possible, time is of the essence.

Even in a clean water loss situation, if it is less untreated for even a small window of time, a mold and mildew smell can begin to enter the environment. In a sewage loss situation there will undoubtedly be a strong odor smell in the environment. By acting quickly to properly dry the environment, extracting trapped moisture, this will help mitigate and control the odor. We also spray an organic antimicrobial spray in every water loss situation to prevent future mold growth, but also to control and kill any odor. If the odor is too strong we will also place HEPA air filters in the environment to help remove the odor.

When a water loss occurs, water can invade the walls and structure of your home. When it comes to water damage inside the walls, every minute counts. Building materials will tend to warp and swell and if not removed quickly, mold and mildew can grow. By using our specialized moisture detection equipment we can locate where the water is trapped in your home. We firmly believe in drying first, and demolition is second. We will do as little demo as possible to properly dry your structure to be clean, safe, and structurally sound. We open up small portions of the property to force warm, dry air into the structure using our industrial air movers. We also set dehumidifiers to help speed up the evaporation process and to suck all the moisture from the structure and out of the environment.

As mentioned in the mold removal section, microbe removal falls right in line. When water, and especially when sewage, intrudes your home or property, microbial growth is possible. To mitigate and prevent this from turning into a much worse situation, we act quickly. We will remove unsalvageable items from the home, extract all moisture from the structure and environment, and spray an organic antimicrobial solution in the home to prevent any future microbe growth. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our work and products!

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